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System Administration & User Roles

Control workflows, authorized users and carry out all administration and function with ease

The Systems Administration module is the central point to access and control your core HR functions, with an extensive set of tools to extract and analyze data.

Sometimes you need to restrict access to certain employee information.  With NezoHR you can tightly control each employee's level of access, thus removing the risk of a data breach.

System Admin & User Roles allow you to tightly define each employee's level of access to data, based on job title or role.  For example, salary data is almost always confidential and not something you wish all employees to view.

You can also create any number of reports you wish from all the information detailed via the Admin Module on your employees. Using System Admin, you are able to access your system to review your data in real time and at the source.

Employee tracking

Track all employee master data in one place

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Track locations

Track locations and their details

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User account

Manage user accounts with different permissions.

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Business Hierarchy

Maintain the hierarchy of the company through sub-departments.

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News and documents

Publish news and documents throughout the company.

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Email notification

Send notifications by email.

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