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Continuous tracking of employees performance with advanced metrics such as OKRs to dynamic objectives.

Retaining talent should be at the forefront of every organization. Your people are at the heart of what you do. In order to retain your talent, and grow your employee skills you need to be able to manage not only their performance, but their expectations. NezoHR isn’t just about filling out the standard performance forms, but giving consistent and real-time feedback. With NezoHR's HR performance management software, you can provide peer to peer feedback, alongside performance reviews, and watch your people grow.

Advanced Performance Tracking by OKRs

Assess employee’s goal completions and evaluate progress

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Revisions and 360° workflows

Configure evaluations with 360° feedback and give control to the principal evaluators for evaluations

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Performance tracker

Keep track of employee performance continuously, when an event happens.

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Massive creation of appraisals

Create a bulk valuation based on groups of employees and departments

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Competencies Pool and Mapping

Build pools of competencies for your workforce based on the job roles and departments

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Goal Setting and Track Progress

Keeping your workforce focused

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Electronic signature

Allows electronic signature during the performance evaluation process.

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Email notification

Reminder about the action to advance the evaluation to give timely feedback.

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The reports help you make the best decision and schedule the necessary training for employees.

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